Vegas Treasure Games — Exciting Treasure Hunt

Finding the Treasure

Vegas Treausure Games

The treasure is located within a 30-mile radius of downtown Las Vegas. The treasure is a token that you can redeem for $500.

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To find the treasure, you will not have to do any digging. The treasure has been placed above ground and is hidden beneath an easily accessable and moveable rock.

To make it easier for you to locate the correct rock with the treasure beneath it, you will be provided with a list of clues and a photograph with a red arrow that points to the rock.

To qualify, play either of the two games for 100 mouse clicks (just 5 minutes). After playing, you will be emailed a list of clues.

To begin your treasure hunt, click on the Slot Racer icon or the Gold Hill icon to the left.

Vegas Treasure Map

If you find the treasure…