Vegas Treasure Games — Exciting Treasure Hunt

Safety Tips

In seaching for the treasure, you are responsibile for your own safety. You must know your limitations and abilities.

You should not be looking for the treasure on steep cliffs, or inside abandoned structures or mines, or in places that are extremely difficult to get to.

In the summertime, temperatures in the Las Vegas area can reach 110+ degrees farenheit. As a safety precaution, you should store a gallon of water per person in your vehicle for emergencies.

What to do in the event of a desert breakdown

In the unfortunate event of a desert breakdown, keep calm. Pull your vehicle as far over to the shoulder of the road as possible and turn on your hazard lights. Prop open the hood and close a piece of cloth in your vehicle door as a signal to approaching drivers that you’re stranded and need assistance.

If your smartphone is working, call a friend or relative for help. Inform them of your exact location so that they can can relay this information to the appropriate emergency services. If you can’t reach an acquaintance or towing service, call 911 to send a trooper to your location.

Stay hydrated. In extreme daytime heat when help is unavailable, it is important to stay shaded. Sit next to your car in the shade, or sit inside your car with the windows down. Avoid direct sunlight. You should not attempt to walk any significant distance to find help. With direct exposure to the sun, death can occur in as little as 10-15 minutes from the onset of heat stroke. If help does not arrive, wait until the sun nears the horizon before attempting to walk out.

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